Bridgeview Manufacturing brings innovative tech to their popular line of Pulldozers. Their new Transformer Series can do everything the Pulldozer can, with the added benefit of an articulating-wing design, the Transformer’s standout feature. The new design provides simple transport where conventional fixed-blade pull-style dozers can’t travel. It has a lift of two feet off the ground for excellent blade clearance during transport. Standard road lights, reflectors, and SMV signage keep you and others safer during road travel.

Wing articulation also permits single-pass ditching, crowning, and terracing in addition to dozing and leveling, where practically any other land-shaping machines would require multiple passes. The rear axle can lift right off the ground while dozing to keep weight on the blade where it’s needed. This transformation also helps when there are larger sized rocks or dirt piles or even when the tires are buried in mud to allow the axle over the obstacle without damage.

Serrated blades penetrate into the hard-packed ground with up to 2,000 pounds of force per foot, leaving the ground seedbed ready. Straight blades are also available for more detailed finishing work or snow removal.

Telescoping axle allows greater stability when grading and a narrow transport width when underway – less than 14′ on the 2470 model. Blade tilt and wing angle indicators permit consistent grading on each pass, eliminating guesswork. It is fully compatible with GPS and Laser guidance – the maximum wing tip depth is 34″ below grade for quick ditching and drainage. Each wing independently travels -10° to +40° relative to the ground.

The new Transformer is available in four models: 1850, 2470, 18050XL and 2470XL. The XL models gain a plunge-cutting trencher for deep ditching, and the trenching depth indicator enables repetition for consistent, well-draining trenches.