Simple Plant Watering Tip, Safer Ladder Steps and More Helpful Hints

Simple Plant Watering Tip, Safer Ladder Steps and More Helpful Hints

Save a few clear 2-liter bottles, fill with water and freeze. When your plants need water, put one of the bottles with the lid removed upside down in the pot. The ice will melt, watering the plant without flooding it. It will melt slowly so the plant has time to absorb more of the water instead of just running out of the pot.  (tip submitted by FM, SD)

Rake Rack

I was visiting the fellow next door and he had the neatest idea to make a rack to hold his rakes. He took two gallon tin cans that restaurants get their vegetables in and cut both ends out and stacked them up and hung them on one of the 2 x 4 studs on the garage wall with screws.  The head of the rake stays on top of the cans, and by stacking two cans the rake handle stays straight, so it won’t bang around. This trick would work well for other garden tool, such as garden hoes.  (tip submitted by WS, ND)

Pennywise tip: When you toss the scouring pad in the kitchen, take it to the tool shed to clean the crud off of the hoe/rakes.)

E-Z Fish Scaler

A simple, quick way to scale fish is with a new, clean steel brush. This works real well.  (tip submitted by SV, MN)

Safer Ladder Steps

We recently purchased a new step ladder to use for painting high ceilings. My neighbor told me to paint the steps on the ladder, and while the paint is still wet, sprinkle some coarse sand or sawdust. It dries and makes a ‘slip-proof’ surface to step on.  (tip submitted by OC, IA)

New Use For an Old Piano Stool

My grandma had to move into assisted living a few months ago, and of course, that meant disposing of most of the furniture in her house. She had a piano with a revolving stool, and an aunt took the piano. She already had a piano bench, so she left the stool. I took the revolving stool home to use as seat at my sewing machine. I love it! I can just turn a little and get up, instead of having to move a chair. I have memories of standing by my grandma, while she sat on that stool as she played her beloved hymns. To me, it’s an irreplaceable gift.  (tip submitted by FC, OH)

Stretch AA Battery Use

Did you know failing AA batteries in a flashlight will run a clock for months?  It works for us.  (tip submitted by MD, SD)

Bird Feed Idea

I do a lot of baking using only egg whites. I make good use of the yolks by boiling and chopping them up, then placing on a clay saucer on top of a post in the yard. The birds love this treat. You can boil a few at a time and store in the freezer until the birds are hungry.  (tip submitted by JS, NY)


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