Baumalight’s new SkidWing skid steer boom mower features a variable angle reach and 40 hardened 200 Series flail teeth. The attachment is ideal for mowing heavy grass and mulching light brush in ditches. Different motor options are available on the boom mower, and Bauamlight can match any model of skid steer for roadside and fence line vegetation maintenance.

The SkidWing folds for travel, and the boom is compact enough for travel on tighter paths and trailering the unit. Baumalight’s signature curved boom allows for extra clearance when you need to get over obstacles. The SkidWing can be fitted with an AUX plug for simple in-cab control. This gives the operator simple quick connection with minimal wires and allows using the skid steer’s own controls. A heavy duty roller keeps everything level. Durable, solid flat-free tires achieves a floating deck effect which takes the unit weight off the skid steer, and with adjustable height positions the operator can easily change the height of the cut.

Baumalight’s industry-leading bent axis piston motors make the most efficient use of the skid steer’s hydraulic flow and pressure. Built to last, these reliable motors can double the power of your output flow.