Standard installation of Case IH transition cones requires removing heavy, awkward rotors. Most Case IH dealerships have a rotor tool to remove the rotor safely, but the vast majority of farms and repair shops don’t, which has the potential to create a critical safety hazard.

Cone Guard offers a workaround for the rotor removal issue. It consists of five pre-bent AR-400 (abrasion-resistant) steel panels to fit the curvature of the transition cone. Cone Guard uses the transport vanes and bolts to hold the guard inside the original worn out cone. All holes have been precut for easy installation – no welding or drilling required. The patent-pending Cone Guard is a cost and time-saving solution.

“The time it takes to install our 5-panel design is 6 to 8 hours at dealerships or on the farm. We can cut half the time by not having to remove the rotor or cone from the machine. This also makes the process safer for anyone involved with the repair process,” stated Ross Joost.

“Our Cone Guard 5-panel kit is one-third of the cost against the Case IH OEM extended wear transition cone. Along with a better price, the buyer will have the ability to buy individual panels at a fraction of the original kit cost they previously installed.”