When performance matters, reliability is what counts. In rural areas where farms need access to high horsepower that must not fail, the SPPS BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole® Motor™ provides it with a 100 hp single-phase electric motor. Models as small as 30 hp can handle less demanding but equally essential jobs. Seeming like a dream come true but actually a technological miracle, the motor provides “efficiency, reliability and maintenance-free operation without a VFD or phase converter,” according to Single Phase Power Solutions president and founder Drew Abbott. SPPS builds the only large horsepower single-phase motors in the industry, and they work with almost any agricultural application.

Facing the Need for More Power

With the price to extend three-phase service for one mile averaging around $75,000, farm owners have had no alternative but to accept sort of a Hobson’s choice. With limited options and none of them preferable for delivering adequate horsepower to irrigation pumps or grain drying and handling operations, farmers were forced into using alternatives that had significant downsides. Some chose to use a diesel or natural gas engine, a VFD or a phase converter. However, all the workarounds have reliability and maintenance issues that increase operational costs. Farmers on single-phase power have never had an acceptable way to access high horsepower efficiently and economically until now. The BELLE motor delivers the same level of high horsepower output as three-phase motors but at a fraction of operating costs. The innovative technology in BELLE’s proprietary design reduces downtime by eliminating the need for converters and VFDs. In addition, the BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole® Motor™ helps to limit dimming or sags among neighboring farms. Owners can expect to achieve substantial efficiencies on operating costs when compared to fossil-fueled natural gas or diesel engines. The savings may amount to as much as 30 to 50 percent.

Choosing a Practical Financial Option

Electric co-op customers who choose the advanced technology in the BELLE motor avoid the cost of line extension which requires an exorbitant investment. Farmers can save money by relying on electric power instead of fossil fuels while gaining more motor efficiency as well. Where performance is the top priority, BELLE increases the reliability of operations that depend on motors to drive them, The BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole® Motor™ has a continuous layer of magnets on the rotor surface that computers control as needed and as the load and rotor speed require. The innovative technology makes it possible for farms that have an existing single-phase line to harness it to high horsepower motors.

Favorite Features that Make a Difference

The robust construction of the BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole® Motor™ gives farmers the expectation of years of enhanced reliability and dependable service even under challenging environmental conditions. Reliably performing on demand, the powerful motor can start on low current, even less than the rated full load, and it prevents neighbors from experiencing voltage dips. The high efficiency in the large horsepower single-phase motors in sizes from 30 to 100 hp enables them to replace the traditional internal combustion engines and avoid the need for expensive line extensions.

Low Starting Current

Probably one of the most dramatic features of the BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole® Motor™ is its ability to start full load currents with about 1.7 times the rated current. A comparison with single or three-phase conventional induction motors that have starting currents that range from 6 to as much as 9 times their rated current may present possibilities that deserve consideration. The value to farmers is that it dramatically increases the maximum rating that they can start on rural single-phase distribution systems. The fact that the low starting current does not reduce voltage starting or sacrifice starting torque gives farmers enhanced usability in a range of applications. The company provides details about the characteristics and specifications that include rating, speed, voltage, frequency, efficiency percentage and more for in-depth evaluation.

Superior Starting Capability

The BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole® Motor™ can sustain starting conditions for longer periods than conventional motors without overheating, and it has greater efficiency under starting than conventional induction motors as well.

Instantaneous Restarting

Protection of farm equipment necessarily takes priority when potential damage can result in costs and downtime. The low starting current of the BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole® Motor™ lets it restart immediately without the consequences that can occur in conventional induction motors. Configurations on the BELLE let it restart instantaneously without damage to the motor or the equipment that it drives.

Increasing Grain Handling and Drying Efficiency

High capacity grain drying and handling systems on farms today require motors that range from 15 to 75 horsepower, and the conversion to electric power without three-phase can lower costs for an extended drying season. By allowing farmers to use larger commercial systems and high capacity dryers, BELLE motors can reduce operating costs. Farmers can realize efficiencies by eliminating the need to handle and store fuel. Further savings occur with the replacement of refueling operations with stable electric energy and the reduced labor costs that result from minimal annual maintenance. The energy costs for electrically driven grain dryers and handling systems usually amount to less than those for engine powered generators, resulting in lower utility bills. Even more efficiencies come from eliminating the need for engine overhauls, oil changes and filter replacements. The removal of fuel handling and storage facilities may produce indirect benefits as well while facilitating compliance with environmental regulations.

Achieving Effective Power for Irrigation

Access to adequate power for irrigation pumps that improve land use and preserve crop value typically required three-phase electrical service at prohibitively out of reach prices or expensive workarounds. Although single-phase electric power has been around for decades, it was not considered suitable for irrigation until the introduction of the BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole® Motor changed everything. Farmers can capitalize on the lower and predictable operating costs of electricity to power the irrigation pumps with superior reliability. The low maintenance costs for BELLE motors include savings on energy of 40 to 60 percent and a reduction in labor costs of up to 50 percent. As a performance factor that creates good neighbor relationships, the high efficiency reduces line load while its low starting demand reduces flicker. Environmentalists appreciate the elimination of threats from fuel storage leaks that can contaminate soil and water. The reduction in greenhouse gas production helps protect the planet, and minimized noise pollution reduces concerns about disturbing the quiet enjoyment of rural neighborhoods.

… in a Nutshell

The productivity of the BELLE Single-Phase Written-Pole® Motor™ with its seemingly miraculous ability to make single-phase power more efficient than ever is a reality on the farm today. The versatile 30 to 100 horsepower motor requires no three-phase service as it uses industry exclusive and proprietary written-pole technology to accomplish the seemingly impossible. It is the world’s only motor that delivers up to 100 horsepower from a single-phase line. The technological marvel starts on less than 2x running current, has no harmonic distortion, requires no workarounds with VFDs or phase converters, needs virtually no maintenance and defines reliability year after year.