The Baumalight Splinter mounts on excavators or skid steers. The drive’s power comes from the hydraulically-driven motor mounting on a planetary drive, delivering a high amount of torque to the drive shaft. Connect the bits either with a 2” hex shaft or an 8-bolt flange mount with an integrated shield that protects the drive from the rigors of splitting wood or grinding stumps.

The Splinter’s Log Splitter tool can split pieces of wood and logs up to 12 feet or even 20 feet long. The bit’s bite comes from machining two helical spirals into two pieces of steel. The two spirals join at the hardened and replaceable tip for easy boring into the log. Choose the Splinter’s Log Splitter for a fast way to tear into large logs horizontally or vertically and finish your splitting in no time.

Splinter’s Stump Planer tool operates at a low RPM – chips are contained during the operation with very little mess to clean up. Ideal for urban areas or confined spaces, the Stump Planer requires less power as it doesn’t produce as fine material as a high-speed cutting wheel. This enables more massive stumps to be ground faster with smaller carriers, creating better mulch for other small trees. The Stump Planer tool features a hardened replaceable tip for extra-long wear and replaceable cutting blades that can also be sharpened. Baumalight Splinter’s Stump Planer lets you bore into wood stumps smoothly and efficiently.