Whether its traversing farm fields, tending to livestock or pacing the thrill of the hunt, farmers and hunters appreciate a quiet vehicle. At the heart of Textron’s new Prowler Pro is a 50-horsepower, whisper-quiet, 812cc EFI engine. Vibration-reducing engine mounts and bushings knock out vibration and buzzing. Prowler Pro also features a tuned-exhaust utilizing a rubber isolator with the muffler to lessen exhaust noise.

The Prowler Pro has 10” of front suspension, and 9.5” of rear suspension travel. It has 10.75” of ground clearance, a 2,000-pound towing capacity, 1,500-pound payload and 1,000-pound cargo box capacity.

The Prowler Pro offers 17.92 cubic-feet of overall storage capacity with a cargo box with 14.69 cubic-feet. The vehicle features a three-person bench seat. Customizable speed control allows the operator to set the speed, ensuring ranch and farm hands are utilizing appropriate speed on the job.