Precision Planting, LLC is making it easy and affordable to upgrade and customize your planter before the 2019 crop season with the Ready Row Unit offer.

When many farmers trade planters, the goal is to get the latest technology as well as an updated row unit, but typically the tool bar of the planter is in great shape. Instead of trading for an updated planter at significant expense, farmers can now keep their tool bar, add new row units, and then add the technology they want on top of this new foundation for a much-improved planting operation next season.

Few new planters are built exactly the way individual farmers may want – in many cases, any number of components are added, removed and changed after equipment delivery in order to get the exact planter setup desired.

“Rather than spending significant dollars on new iron that a grower knows is not exactly what he wants, he can spend fewer dollars on outfitting his current toolbar, customizing the portions of the planter that provide return on investment, and end up with a planter that is equipped exactly how he wanted it to begin with,” says Precision Planting Integrated Marketing Manager, Bryce Baker.