As the “Knightro Report” phases out of livestock marketing, and into the body and soul of those that are actually doing the chores, it will measure success more by self-satisfaction than by just the bottom line.

There will be a lot more emphasis on the top line.

Though dollars and cents are a measure of success – for which the “Knightro Report” has dedicated itself – there is so much more to the person than the size of his or her bank account. And once one understands that, the bank account will take care of its self.

To be really successful it’s the whole person that has to be taken into account. You may be able to count your chickens, but can you always count your blessings?

Just as one homerun doesn’t define a baseball game, neither does one, two or three strikeouts. The game will be determined by the number of runs — but it will be remembered by the blood, sweat, and tears.

Will your life be remembered by that champion steer or hog you showed at the county fair, or will it be defined by all that went into achieving that moment: the heartbreaks, disappointments, etc.?

Those ups and downs in life will never change, but they will get more costly and emotionally draining. It’s no more about a blue or red ribbon — it’s about livelihood, state of mind, and strength of character. It’s about caring more about yourself than you do the livestock.

When you take care of yourself first, you’ll find the answers to every management decision you’ll ever have to make. You can’t make tough decisions unless you, yourself are strong.

The “Knightro Report” was all about making smart marketing decisions. The emphasis will now be more about maintaining a healthy mind that sees the big picture for what it really is.

That’s the long and the short of it.

Instead of being tunnel versioned on sometimes losing propositions, you will be encouraged to be open-minded to the business decisions you face on a daily basis.

Are you opened minded to these changes?