Little Beaver’s UN-Towable Drill offers an easily transportable solution for one-man hole digging projects. Now, with an updated transport frame, the drill is even more convenient and safe for users. The unit is easy to transport and maintain and is ideal for numerous industries.

“While our product line is tried and true, we’re always looking for ways to improve,” said Joseph Haynes, product engineer, and fourth-generation Little Beaver team member. “Taking a great product and making it even better is what my great-grandfather had in mind when he started the company years ago. Improvements like this carry on his commitment to making dependable, easy-to-use products.”

Unlike most drills of similar power and size that must be towed behind a truck or loaded onto a trailer, the UN-Towable quickly moves to the site in the back of a pickup truck or SUV. Alternatively, an optional slide-in receiver hitch offers an additional transportation method. The user-friendly E-Z load bracket fits in any two-inch receiver, commonly found on most pickup trucks and SUVs. Secure the unit in the hitch, crank up the machine until it stops, and insert the pin to lock it in place.

The updated transport frame of the UN-Towable Drill features an added stop so the unit can’t be cranked past the designated cradle. Without the added stop, the drill could potentially lodge itself behind the cradle, making it difficult for one person to lift the drill back into the proper position.

The UN-Towable features an 11HP Honda engine, which provides a 10% increased power advantage over competitive models. Hydraulic pressure of 2,500 psi and an operating speed of 150 rpm further enhance power output. The drill can operate in places inaccessible to larger equipment like skid steers and tractors.

The balanced and torque-free design of the UN-Towable enhances operator safety and convenience. An integrated forward and reverse auger rotation component protects the user if the auger gets caught under an obstruction, such as a rock or tree root. A pressure relief valve provides safety.