Concord now offers the NT30SD and NT30HD models of its NT30 Disc Drill with integral tank. The new models offer an improved air distribution system, as well as a more simplified design for easier calibration and clean-out. These updates, in addition to the product’s existing features, help make the NT30SD and NT30HD ideal alternatives to box drills and an excellent air drill solution for narrow transport needs, smaller acreage, cover crop seeding and more.

With the improved air distribution system on the NT30 models, hoses are directly connected to the air distribution joint, allowing maximum air flow, gentler seed and fertilizer handling, and easier maintenance. The streamlined design also offers easier access to the meters for simplified calibration and clean-out. The integral tank can be emptied into a seed box placed at the front of the unit.

The integral tank on the new models offers an industry-leading capacity of 175 bushels divided 60/40 into two compartments of 105 bushels in the front compartment and 70 bushels in the rear. It includes multiple product level sensors for closely monitoring the amount of seed or fertilizer remaining. The tank has steep slopes for effective material movement with a dedicated meter flute for each seed opener, resulting in more even seed distribution and spacing for better emergence and production. The Venturi meter design also eliminates the need for a pressurized hopper.

The NT30SD and NT30HD also feature the latest technologies for precision farming. Section control on the drills minimize double seeding and fertilizing, saving valuable input costs. Each drill includes three 10-foot sections that turn on and off independently according to whether or not the drill has already seeded an area. They can also utilize prescription maps and meter product by section based on location in the field. Additionally, the drills feature Curve Compensation, automatically adjusting the application rate of each section during turns and curves so that a uniform seed and fertilizer rate is achieved across the width of the machine.

An ISO compliant electronic control unit controls and monitors a wide variety of functions, including fan speed, meter status, row unit down force, bin levels and more. The system is compatible with most in-cab ISO terminals, but is optimized for seamless use with the field-proven Raven CR7 and Viper 4+ terminals. A remote calibration keypad is included as standard equipment, allowing operators to calibrate the machine without having to run back and forth between the meters and tractor cab. Additionally, the NT30SD and NT30HD are available with optional blockage monitors to detect relative flow of seed and/or fertilizer to each opener, helping operators eliminate disastrous skips and uneven application rates.

The NT30SD model includes Concord’s single disc openers with 6″/9″ paired row spacing. Optional mid-row banders are available to maximize fertilizer efficiency by placing dry, liquid, or NH3 fertilizer three inches from each row and up to 1.5 inches below the seed, a capability unmatched by any competitive drill. The single disc opener also includes wide packer tires, rather than gauge wheels, to consistently gauge depth and also properly close the furrow. The simple design has 75 percent fewer moving parts than competitive row units, resulting in low maintenance needs. It is also capable of traveling at 8 miles per hour (12.9 kph) or more to seed many acres in short windows of time.

The NT30HD features the newly available double disc Heads-Up Opener, which has been field proven on AGCO’s Sunflower grain drills for years. It has 7.5-inch row spacing and is ideal for use on terraces and uneven ground, thanks to hydraulic downforce which allows the openers to move 24 inches up and down while maintaining proper downforce on each opener. Additionally, each opener can travel 8 inches up and 8 inches down for further ground following ability. Another advantage of the Heads-Up Opener is the parallel linkage, which helps to keep the angle of attack consistent over all terrain for consistent seeding depth, as well as precise down pressure of up to 450 pounds per row unit.

“The new NT30SD and NT30HD offer huge potential,” said Ben Sander, Marketing Manager for Concord. “Not only do they stand out from all other competitive air drills with integral tanks, but they also have the ability to replace traditional box drills with their innovative features. Even more, the two row unit options accommodate a wide variety of farming operations.”

The NT30SD and NT30HD are available in 30 feet working widths and fold to a transport width of only 11 feet, 6 inches (3.5 m) for safe towing on narrow roadways.

The Concord brand is manufactured by AGCO-Amity JV, LLC in Wahpeton, N.D., and distinguishes itself through a commitment to innovation … consistently providing products on the leading edge of agricultural technology, all with the goal of helping producers cut costs and increase yields.