OneSoil Map, a precision farming startup, recently announced the launch of a new map developed to allow everyone in the agriculture industry to explore and compare fields and crops in Europe and the United States – 43 countries in total. The key feature of the map is that it allows users to see how these fields have changed over the past three years (2016 – 2018).

To accomplish this, OneSoil combined public data from the European Space Agency and Mapbox GL JS, the latter of which helped in visualizing large volumes of ag data. The metrics included on the map are hectarage, the crop, and country crop rating.

“The world’s population is constantly growing, but the amount of agricultural land remains the same. In order to provide food to meet the needs of the population, farming must be more effective than ever before,” said Slava Mazai, OneSoil CEO and co-founder. “The OneSoil Map was built to reveal local and global trends in crop production and make those trends available to everyone from the agriculture industry. It helps to predict market performance both at region and country scale and fosters smart decision making for agronomists, farm managers, and traders.”

The map itself is a continuation of the OneSoil digital farming platform, which automatically detects fields, identifies crops, monitors plant development via changes in the vegetation index, etc. – all at no cost. Farmers can leave notes in the OneSoil mobile and web platforms, and share these notes with their colleagues.

OneSoil also offers a product that allows farmers and agronomists to calculate the right amounts of fertilizers to use on different field zones, helping farmers to save on fertilizers and decrease pollution of ground waters.

OneSoil’s core technologies are based on AI, deep learning models, computer vision, IoT and original machine learning algorithms, which enable the company to process data in real time and automate many actions a farmer would typically do while digitizing a business. Intuitive onboarding has been key in order to acquire around 20,000 users in three months (more than 1,300 U.S. users in less than a month). The ultimate goal of OneSoil is to build a global community of farmers prioritizing the need to save existing resources and make smart decisions that will positively impact the world’s population.

“We process large volumes of data daily to make precision farming available to everyone. By 2020, OneSoil will be available all over the world,” said Mazai. “Our mission is to foster progress in agtech and make agtech products available to every farmer on Earth.”

The OneSoil team is planning to add more data and countries to the map in the coming year, making it an open-for-all source on world ag data.