Boyd Booms International provides an upgrading solution for sprayer booms with full aluminum booms and extensions. The Boyd Boom™ is constructed to hold up to the rugged conditions of North American agriculture. The Boyd Boom™ can cut down on operation hours with a lighter overall sprayer weight, larger swath, increase in machine control and better allocation of horsepower.

Boyd offers a 120′ aluminum extension designed to extend your 90′ or 100′ boom to 120′. These extensions are built for John Deere Sprayers 4720, 4730 and 4830. A new 120′ extension is available for the R Series John Deere. If you need to extend to 132′ on the R series, they also offer a 120-132′ extension set. They also offer 60/90′ and 60/100′ replacement extensions for the same John Deere models for replacing the secondary and breakaway due to damage or function failure.

For Case Sprayers, Boyd has a 120′ extension that fits most Case Sprayers. It folds over the top and installs at the 60′ mark.
According to Boyd, “The investment of our 120′ extensions will get you back in your planter tracks and improve your efficiency by 30%.”

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