USM Wear Technologies, LLC announced a new patent has been issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on their “Vertical Tillage Tool” sweep with Caden Edge™ Technology that is designed for addressing wheel compaction issues in farming operations.

“We are excited about the shape and effectiveness of our new cultivation sweep,” commented Loran Balvanz, USM Wear Tech President and CEO. Balvanz explained that Purdue University agronomy experts report that heavy farm equipment can cause soil compaction issues that can reduce corn yields by 50% depending on soil conditions.

The patented Vertical Tillage Tool sweep now can be ordered with a “yield fin” specifically designed to break up additional compacted soil and provide greater soil mixing action for improved seedbed preparation and weed control. The design of the Vertical Tillage Tool is combined with the patented Caden Edge ™ technology that extends the useful life of the tillage products by 3-5 times normal life.

“The Caden Edge ™ Vertical Tillage Tool allows the farm operator to address soil compaction issues while running the cultivation equipment at a higher speed, saving time and money,” said Balvanz.

Tillage parts, especially in the wheel track, undergo substantial wear as they engage the compacted soils, so they need periodic replacement or repair. The Caden Edge™ proprietary process strategically applies tungsten carbide applications to the leading edge near the cutting edge and high friction locations of cultivation sweeps to reduce the amount of wear and extend the useful life of the tillage tools.

The Vertical Tillage Tool is longer lasting and more effectively engages the soil so the farm operator can cover more acres in less field time and with fewer tillage tool replacements. Many operators report running the entire season without changing sweeps.