Rite Way’s new High-Speed Compact Disc (HCD-32) quickly rids your field of trash and residue, while leveling ruts and ridges at a speed of 8 to 10mph. At 32’ in width, it has two rows of discs with 5” spacing and independent torsion and works at a depth of 1” to 4”. Choices of discs and packers ensure your soil and residue is shredded, mixed and smoothly finished. Each row of 20” discs are offset, so every inch of your field is tilled.

Standard with all Rite Way equipment is the packer suspension system, which gives the HCD-32 the unique ability to walk across rocks without lifting the rest of the machine. It easily follows the contours of your land. The patented Forward™ Unfolding System goes from transport to field mode in minutes using hydraulics, with no need to back up.

A 13’8” transport width and 13’1” transport height mean the HCD fits on most roads, under bridges, and inside your storage buildings. Oversized tires allow you to run lower pressure at all times, preventing bouncing in the field.

It’s the one tillage implement you need – Rite Way gives you the flexibility to choose from several different options to customize your HCD-32 to suit your field conditions.