A new rubber block with half-height thickness for dairy cows was recently lauched by Vettec. The new Vettec Thin Block reduces the overall elevation of a claw, putting less stress on a cow’s limbs and feet.

“We designed the new Vettec Thin Block based on feedback from customers in the dairy segment. We know that animal health is key when hoof care professionals are working with their clients and for optimal milk production,” says Martin Zimmer, General Manager, Vettec. “Vettec’s new block design is an ideal solution to keep animals comfortable while treating them for hoof care issues.”

Blocking is a technique commonly used to treat and avoid lameness. Blocking elevates an injured claw off the ground to promote quick recovery and to alleviate pain. 

The Vettec Thin Block benefits minor lameness cases where an affected claw does not need the elevation provided by a standard block. With half-height thickness, cows experience more normal locomotion. The rubber compound of the block delivers superior traction and durability, while remaining flexible and compressible for optimal comfort.

The new block has the same proprietary compound and unique surface pattern as the original Bovi-Bond™ rubber block. In addition, the universal design can fit both the right or left claw.

The flexible material and reduced size offer other benefits to dairy farm operations. Unlike other larger blocking materials, the Vettec Thin Block mitigates clogged manure pumps in the event blocks fall off before routine trimming cycles due to its small size and flexible material.