Trouw Nutrition USA is sending a message of gratitude and confidence to America’s farmers in a new video titled, “Thank You, Farmers”. Narrated by a young girl wearing a face mask, the video highlights the resilient, get-it-done spirit of farmers who are keeping the nation fed.

“The crops are still being grown. The cows are still being milked. The eggs are still being collected. The livestock are still being fed,” says the narrator, noting, “At a time of much uncertainty, one thing we can all be sure of is our nation’s farmers will keep feeding America.”

The video was inspired by the company’s farmer customers who stand at the frontlines of the nation’s food supply. “So many recent news stories have focused on disruptions in the supply chain resulting from the pandemic, and we really wanted to highlight the humble heroes behind the scenes who keep on feeding our nation day after day,” said Dan Baker, VP of Marketing & Innovation.

While the video footage focuses on farmers working in the fields and on the farm, the narration is voiced by a young farm girl. “We wanted to recognize not just the heroes on the tractors and in the barns today, but the caring, grateful and responsible attitude we see in the next generation of farmers,” said Baker.

The video is available on the Trouw Nutrition’s social channels at, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.