The Safety Zone Calf Catcher is a long-time favorite among producers. Mounted to any ATV or UTV, the Calf Catcher enables one person to safely and efficiently process calves without concern of the protective mother cow.

They recently added scale systems, both True Test and Avery Weigh Tronics reputable brands, so producers now can accurately weigh calves in one pound or kilogram increments. It is attached to the inside of the calf catcher for easy viewing while processing the calf. The Weigh Tronics is 12-volt powered by ATV or UTV unit via connectable hookup to the battery while the True Test scales have a rechargeable battery.

The durable and dependable indicators are designed for the challenges any environment or conditions; hot, cold, wet, shaking, and bouncing will no longer be a concern. Save your back with no lifting, measuring, or estimating ever again.

Jerry Henshaw, a producer from Oklahoma, commented, “We now have total safety confidence and are stress-free when working newborn calves. The scale makes it a piece of cake to record their birth weights. I would highly recommend the calf catcher.”

Producers who already own either the True Test, Weigh Tronics and Gallagher brand indicators can order separately, the scale platform with appropriate wiring harnesses at a reduced price.