The WrapADoodleDoo ratchet strap tail wrap-up device allows roll up your excess ratchet strap tails in seconds and lock them down securely and go. It’s a great way to meet safety regulations when securing a load for travel. A loose ratchet strap tail can be dangerous and expensive if you get pulled over by the D.O.T.

Made of high-quality super tough nylon, WrapADoodleDoo is made to withstand hot or cold weather, many years of use, and abuse. It is virtually indestructible (see the videos on This product is for use with 2” and 1” straps. Simply feed strap into crank, wind excess strap onto the spool, slide wound WrapADoodleDoo onto secured tensioned strap, lock crank down on WrapADoodleDoo, and go!

It is a more secure and faster alternative to tying a strap knot, duct tape, zip ties, or bungees, and your strap tail gets locked in place in seconds. Using WrapADoodleDoo protects your straps from the cuts and tears that could happen when using other items to secure strap tails.

You can quickly move the WrapADoodleDoo to another strap, and it requires no extra tools to operate. It stays with your strap even in storage, keeping them rolled up and tangle-free.

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