Author: Ray Bohacz

The Inflection Point

There is no doubt that we are in interesting and conflicting times in agriculture. Unfortunately, many of us make matters worse than they should be since we do not modify our business’s thought process and approach. We fixate on crop prices and ignore the changes we can make to succeed at the current price point.

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Eliminating Thermal Stress From Metal

Thermal stress is found in every engine, transmission, tillage implement, planter, sprayer, combine, clutch, brake rotor, and anything else that experiences a sharp temperature drop in use or during manufacturing. Unfortunately, we all unknowingly pay the price for thermal stress, but there is a way to eliminate it.

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Calling all Cars

With necessity being the mother of invention, sometimes other things ride in on her apron strings. This was the case a few years back at the Bohacz Farm when we got the TV working again. You may think it is 1945 instead of 2022, and the Rural Electrification Commission finally pulled some wire to us.

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