Author: Ray Bohacz

When it’s Time for Change

Most but not all in agriculture are too good with engine oil changes, hurting nothing other than the pocketbook. Yet, they tend to neglect other critical fluid changes, including hydraulic lubricants. Fluids break down from the heat, absorb moisture, and introduce dirt into even a sealed system. They all need servicing on all your road vehicles – and every piece of equipment you have.

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When You Need to Be Accurate

In the early days of the automobile many concepts, skills and theories that were not applied in everyday life were essential to Detroit. It was one thing to take a young man from an agrarian lifestyle and put him on an assembly line but often there were more skills required than a good work ethic.

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In the Lap of Luxury

I am not a fan of Hollywood, but I do like to watch James Bond 007 flicks. Since I was a boy, I have enjoyed 007 regardless of who played Bond. The international intrigue, cool gadgets, fast cars, and scantily clad beautiful women keep me glued to the TV screen. I proudly admit this even in the WOKE world we live in today.

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