PIPE AG owner/developer Roark Thompson, pictured above, explains, “PIPE AG is a hardware and software Ag technology company that focuses on improving logistics and efficiencies with the growers existing equipment. We use our unique technology and deep knowledge of farming and agriculture to fully understand the problems and frustrations that growers have. Our program runs off an app but does so much more as it connects to multiple sensors on machines and brings real-time connectivity to farms.”

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As farmers, we know the monumental impact the development of agriculture has had on society through the ages. Advancements have been made in this relationship between modern humans and our environments, from using fire to prepare foods to self-driving machinery.

The future is coming to life in front of our very eyes. T.V. shows and movies have depicted a future with automated machines and processes and today we are implementing them on farms across the world.

Why should a farm be using farm management software as a way to automate its farming practices? Is it just for the fun of it? Is it just to live up to the expectations of this version of the future in movies? No. The future of farming is quite serious.

It has been predicted that by 2050 our world population could reach 9.7 billion people. That is a lot of mouths to feed. While maybe sometimes farmers feel overlooked, the agricultural industry is more important than ever in sustaining our supply chains and keeping up with the demand of a growing population.

This is why now is a turning point. It is time for farmers to lean into the automation processes that are being created and improved upon daily. Farm management software provides farmers the tools they need to do their jobs with more precision, efficiency, and success.

Because the value of farm management software is becoming so priceless, more and more software is being developed. Different software will help you automate different objectives or systems on your farm.

The harvest season can be stressful. In the past, farmers often relied on intuition, manually communicating instructions across two-way radios or playing phone tag with their workers. Though it might get the job done, it also leads to miscommunication, delays in loading grain carts, and trucks going MIA for extended periods.

We no longer have time to waste on these common human errors and delays. Our company – PIPE AG – is a technology company that was created by farmers, for farmers. Our hardware and software solutions bridge the gaps between all of the moving pieces involved in harvesting. Despite its wealth of functions and features, it’s incredibly easy to use. We’ve seen farmers who don’t know how to use a smartphone navigate our farm management software with no issues. And best of all, anyone can use it, and it’s designed to integrate with your existing equipment.

Through PIPE AG farm management software you will be able to automate grain cart weight, combine capacity, truck status, and compaction tracking, GPS and directions, dump tickets and reporting and more.

For some, concepts like “digital farming” and “precision farming” just mean more busy work and information to juggle. PIPE AG does the opposite, simplifying the harvest process while streamlining data capturing and reporting.

ABOVE: Example of PIPE AG’s live-view

Live-view gives you a real-time view of all equipment’s speed, location, and metrics such as weight or % full.

On the left side, you have a list of all equipment in your crew. Operators can see their speed, grain cart weight, truck status, and even how full each combine is within 1%. By tapping on any of these machines, you can zoom in or “target” that specific machine.

On the right, you have a satellite map with all of your machines in real-time. Everyone in the crew can see shared combine coverage or a grain cart compaction map on a satellite image regardless of the equipment brand.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where are all the trucks?” With live-view, you simply press the crew view icon on the map, and the screen automatically zooms out to show you the exact location of every truck on the road in real time. All equipment is color-coordinated to match its “status” for a quick visual reference of its location.

PIPE AG designs and builds its own sensors for problem-free and maintenance-free operation. Their wiring harnesses are “plug and play” and are compatible with all equipment brands that install in less than 15 minutes.