Setting the correct planting depth is crucial for uniform seedling emergence, and the Set-N-Seed, a creation of Precision Planting Specialist Blake Patton, offers a game-changing solution. No longer reliant on using a forklift and cumbersome wooden block apparatus, this first-of-its-kind tool checks planting depth and efficiently sets it.

The Set-N-Seed is an innovative tool that aims to simplify planting seeds with precision. It eliminates the need for heavy machinery and cumbersome equipment, making it an efficient and practical solution for farmers.

One of the key advantages of the Set-N-Seed is its ability to quickly and accurately check planting depth. Traditionally, farmers relied on manual methods, such as using a ruler or stick, to determine the planting depth. However, these methods often resulted in errors, leading to inconsistent seedling emergence.

The Set-N-Seed solves this issue by providing a simple and foolproof method of checking the planting depth. Using a precision measuring mechanism, the tool ensures that each seed is planted at the optimal depth, ensuring uniform emergence. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of planting too deep or shallow, which can have detrimental effects on the plant’s growth.

Furthermore, the Set-N-Seed simplifies the planting process by eliminating the need for a forklift and wooden block apparatus. These traditional methods were often cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring farmers to navigate heavy machinery and adjust wooden blocks to the desired planting depth.

With the introduction of the Set-N-Seed, planting depth can be easily set without heavy machinery. The tool’s ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it portable and user-friendly, allowing farmers to quickly and easily adjust the planting depth on the go.

In addition to checking and setting planting depth, the Set-N-Seed offers other benefits to farmers. Its ability to accurately measure planting depth helps farmers optimize crop yields by ensuring that each seed receives the necessary nutrients and water. This not only improves the overall efficiency of the planting process but also maximizes the overall performance and productivity of the crops.

Overall, the Set-N-Seed represents a significant step forward in the field of precision planting. Its ability to check and set planting depth efficiently, eliminating the need for heavy machinery and cumbersome equipment, makes it a game-changer for farmers. By offering accurate measurements and a simplified planting process, the Set-N-Seed empowers farmers to achieve uniform seedling emergence and optimal crop yields.

Purchase the Set-N-Seed directly from, aftermarket parts retailer Shoup Manufacturing, and select equipment dealers. CFC Distributors/Granit Parts and S.I. Distributing, are the current distributors to dealers in the US. The site also has videos that walk customers through the Set-N-Seed calibration process.