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The 1940s “Cure”

Until partway through the 20th century, the people of Ireland, not always having access to or being able to afford a doctor, took to addressing their infirmities themselves. As a result, many ailments required searching out “the cure.” Here are a few examples of old Irish folk remedies, some of which are still used today.

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When Superman Drives a Chevy

Farming can be a balancing act, especially regarding managing cash flow. Once in a while, sacrifices have to be made. Sometimes that’s attempting your own vet work or maybe putting off updating equipment for summer. For my father, one winter many years ago, that meant not putting any money into the old Chevy pickup he drove.

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Aging into Farm Chores

One of the cruel aspects of getting old is requiring care from someone else. Nursing homes, in addition to being expensive, are the biggest fear of the elderly heading towards dependence. Trying to figure out how to provide the best care for loved ones can put a strain on a family. Since the late nineties, Dutch farmers have begun been providing social services on their farms in addition to traditional agriculture.

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