Bold New Brand Springs from Atley’s On-farm Research to Bring High-quality, Low-cost Solutions to Farmers

Cory Atley, Ohio’s four-time crop production yield winner, recently announced a new brand – Advanced Yield Select Crop Inputs – for the purpose of helping growers “make the most of every dollar they spend on crop inputs on every acre they farm.”

Atley, who farms more than 8,000 acres of leased and family ground, is known by many for his high yields and appearance in the reality show “Corn Warriors.” In addition to farming, he and his team at Advanced Yield work with dozens of farmers from Ohio to Kansas to coax more bushels from the ground every year. After a family meeting with his wife Stephanie, children Aubrey and Austen, and the Advanced Yield crew, Advanced Yield Select Crop Inputs got the green light.

“We’re bringing out our own branded products because we’ve found a way to source high-quality products for much lower cost,” he explains. “We’ve proven the value of these formulations in our own operation and we can bring these same products to growers in a way that will save them money.”

Advanced Yield Select Crop Inputs will be available to any farmer who is interested in increasing their ROI, whether they are currently a member of the Advanced Yield consulting client group or not. “This is just an extension of our work to help any farmer make the most of what they spend on inputs.”

Atley says the products offered have been selected after “rigorous, applied on-farm agronomic research” designed to drive total on-farm performance. Out of that experience has come a line of nutritionals, adjuvants, and biologicals designed to enhance yield and improve return on investment (ROI). The line will initially include BIG BREAK™ seed treatments, PRIME STABLE™ nitrogen stabilizers, AGSTREME™ specialty starters, nutritionals and micronutrients; UNLEASHED™ plant growth regulators, biologicals and other yield enhancement technologies; and FRONT- RUNNER™ spray tank additives. More detailed information is available at

“This is an effort for farmers by a farmer,” says Atley, explaining that much of the current crop input distribution system is outdated and wasteful. He says he’s never sold products before in his consulting role, but has clear, specific reasons for making the change.

“Products are getting marked up three or four times on their way to the farm and it’s the farmer that’s paying for all that,” Atley says. “If we can go direct and source quality inputs for less – products we know are effective – farmers can keep more of what they earn. Our members are free to choose whatever brands they want to use, we just want to provide more solid cost-effective choices.”

Atley and his team at Advanced Yield have won the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) yield contest for Ohio each of the past four years. His most recent winning yield was 320.24 bushel per acre. “We don’t do special plots for the contest,” says Atley. “We farm for averages every year and just take a normal swipe through the field, there is no special plot for the contest.” They also have been 3-time winners for best yield of soybeans, with yields often 90-plus bushel per acre.

Advanced Yield is committed to improving yields for their client-members in a way that is tailored to their crop production operation. Atley sits down with each new member, one-on-one, to learn the capabilities of each operation and build a detailed production plan.

“Our mission is to help them achieve higher yields or maintain current yields with a better ROI,” says Atley. “With Advanced Yield, we have a systems approach to achieve that. Every crop input we sell will have been tested in our own fields first.”