You never know what a simple fence repair might lead to. For Rowdy Sloggett, it led to a new business and a wife! The venture began in 2017 when Sloggett hired a fence contractor to repair his fence. A winter storm had broken off a post on his rural property. Through Sloggett’s conversations with the fence professional, he discovered the most demanding, most time-consuming task in fence repair is removing the broken-off post and the concrete plug holding the fence into the ground.

Sloggett had studied mechanical engineering in college and worked as a steel fabricator throughout his career. So he began to think about possible solutions for the problem the fence contractor – now his friend – had described. After much research on the topic, including other tools for the job, he was convinced there had to be a better way and set about creating his concept. Sloggett gave his prototype to his fence friend to test, and he provided valuable feedback.

Over the next few years, Sloggett made corrections and improvements to his post-puller tool design and began considering how he could build a business. First, he joined Facebook so he could promote his product online. There, he reconnected with Kelly Holmes, who had met several years before. This reconnection led to a friendship, phone calls, dates, a relationship, and then a marriage in 2019.

A former engineer in the navy for over 20 years, Kelly brought additional expertise to the manufacturing side of the business. She also took over the marketing and sales functions. “When my wife came into the business and took over marketing, that’s when the magic started to happen,” says Sloggett. They make quite a team, and the business is rapidly growing.

Kelly explains that the success of their NW Quik Pull tool is in the results. “We know they’ll be hooked if we can get a contractor to try it. The simplicity and results sell the product.”

It’s all about leverage. The NW Quik Pool weighs just 55 pounds. It’s portable, easy to operate, and very stable. The stability comes from its tripod base, which enables it to be easily used by just one person. The tripod feature pulls the post straight up, reducing friction and increasing leverage. Sloggett says the NW Quik Pull has more pulling power than most hydraulic tools of similar use.

“As great as this tool is for pulling different types of fence posts – with or without a concrete plug attached – with the least effort, its functionality doesn’t stop there,” says Kelly.  “The NW Quik Pull also makes a great landscaping tool, making short work of removing small trees, shrubs, and bushes. It turns a job that would have taken hours into one simple task, done in minutes.”

Sloggett adds that this is a mechanical tool requiring little to no maintenance. “No electricity or hydraulics is involved, making it more environmentally friendly than power-operated equipment. It can also go where a truck or tractor cannot, preventing damage from tires to a yard or garden.”

Multiple rental organizations have endorsed the NW Quik Pull. It is carried in dozens of tool rental shops across the country. It has also been adopted for use by several event companies as the fastest and safest way to remove stakes from event tents and awnings.

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