Based on their NX series’ success and reliability, Horstline introduces the all-new DBX series. The new design and premium features make the DBX perfect for bringing in forage or other agricultural uses.

DBX Series dump trailers dump at a steep 55° angle. When dumping, this angle, combined with the high-clearance hydraulic gate, ensures clean and easy unloading. European-style hoist center-mount telescopic hoists dump steeper, faster, and with less oil. In addition, the box lowers much more quickly than other telescopic hoists and minimizes stress on the trailer frame when dumping. By design, Horstline boxes can handle the force of a mid-mount hoist.

The hydraulic gate offers excellent operator control and dumping clearance. Other advantages include the superior gate seal and elimination of any locking system. In addition, the gate opens without dumping. Finally, the front window allows users to quickly check the load status from the tractor or promptly climb up the front ladder access.

DBX series trailers come with a height-adjustable, rubber-suspension drawbar with a swivel clevis and heavy-duty 12,000lb. drop leg jack. Lights, signals, and reverse lights are standard on all DBX Series trailers. All dump trailers are available with custom colors of your choice. The DBX series accommodates formed extensions per your custom design or extension. Horstline can even include your brand or name in custom plasma-cut extensions.

The DBX230 has a 22-ton / 44,000 lb. capacity, with a box size of 23′ x 8.5′. The DBX250 has a 26-ton / 52,000 lb. capacity, with a box size of 25′ x 9.2′.

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