Pictured above left: Tank Toad developer Damon Printz.

A new water monitoring system could drastically improve your operation’s efficiency and bottom line. Called the Tank Toad, the system remotely measures the water level in storage and stock tanks. It also measures well controls. As a result, the Tank Toad can pay for itself by saving you valuable time – and the cost of skyrocketing fuel expenses.

In 2013, Damon Printz came to work on the family farm and ranch of his great uncle Ron Lerwick in Wyoming.  He asked for a challenge in addition to farm and ranch work.  To save driving 15 miles checking water on busy summer days, cousin Monte Lerwick challenged Damon to develop a communication device that would transmit the level in remote stock tanks.

Over the last six years, Damon has designed and refined what became known as the Tank Toad, a remote stock tank monitoring solution. In the sparsely populated areas of Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana, it became clear that many areas lacked cell service of any kind.

As a result, the focus of the last two years has been refining the satellite technology for the Tank Toad, and now that technology is ready for prime time.

“The main goal is to produce a dependable remote monitoring solution for farmers and ranchers, emphasizing financial return.  The result for ranchers, who are already stretched thin, is peace of mind and more family time,” commented Tank Toad creator Damon Printz. “The Tank Toad does not give false readings for low water tank levels,” said Damon Printz. “This product is engineered, designed, and produced by ranchers for ranchers and has excellent tech support.”

The Tank Toad is powered by solar energy and measures water with either pressure or sonar sensors.  The module then transmits information in the form of a text to the device of your choice. You can text at any time for more readings.

Satisfied customer Zach Iddings, Baer Livestock, says, “We utilize eight Tank Toads on our operations in SE Wyoming. Knowing our stock is well watered, the peace of mind we achieve, and the advanced notice we get when something’s wrong are well worth the price of admission. The money we save by not driving out to check tanks outweighs the cost of the Tank Toad.”

The Toad Tank module can be purchased or leased on a year-to-year basis. The cost to lease is $400 yearly. The module can be purchased outright for $1800, which includes a two-year warranty. Connection service to the satellite system is $30 per month, with 100% guaranteed coverage. If you have good cell service at your tank, you can opt for the cellular module for just $100 per year.

“Tank Toads will radically change the way you operate.  When you trust your water supply, you will push for more products. You will lease pasture farther out.  As a result, you will free up time for important tasks,” commented Damon Printz.

ABOVE: Storage tank setup couldn’t be easier. Mount the box to your tank, drop the sensor to the bottom, then plug in the solar panel.

ABOVE: Control your well remotely. Tank Toads are remote controls.

ABOVE: Stock tank setup – simply mount the box next to your tank, stick the sensor out over the water and plug in the solar panel.