P2Flow are the makers of simple, reliable, and easy-to-use water pump pressure controls. They recently introduced the IC Pump Station Model 3.  The new Model 3 is a floatless tank fill control that starts on pressure and stops on time. By not dealing with the turbulence around the pressure sensor, the water is static (not moving) when the pump is off, so the pressure reading that determines when the pump will turn on is more accurate.

When the pump turns on, it will stay on for a user-selectable amount of time (from 1 minute to 60 hours). It will take time to fill the tank is not predictable, but it is repeatable. Although several initial adjustments may take to determine the correct tank fill time, they are suitable for the unit’s life. 

The new model provides a high-pressure offsetting that turns off the pump to prevent “deadheading” and pump damage if a valve is inadvertently shut off. Low and high-pressure safety shutoffs are also included to shut off the pump if it runs low on water. 

Other fluids besides water can be used with this floatless tank fill as any fluid compatible with 304L, or 316L stainless steel can be used.  With this control product, nothing needs to be in or near the tank, and the controls can be located in a pump house or other area sheltered from sunlight and weather. The pressure sensors are rugged and industry-standard 4-20 mA output. (No waiting for months for expensive parts to come from Denmark.)

It’s the simple, inexpensive, and perfect solution for what often is a complicated and costly level control application. The new model costs $695.00.

Visit www.P2Flow.com for more information.