Norden Mfg announces the Norden Mfg WR Series Wheel Rake. The wheel rake gathers hay or straw into a windrow for baling or chopping. The design of this rake allows for easy, tool-free adjustment of the width, angles, and weight to the ground. In addition, the ability to easily adjust the pressure of rake wheels to the ground allows the hay producer to consistently gather all the hay into windrows while bringing less dirt, debris, and stones in as well.

The rake is available in models with eight, ten, or twelve wheels and an optional kicker wheel to turn the center of the windrow. This unique rake’s adjustments are tool-free, making it easier to operate.

Owner Kenny Kuhns stated, “We are excited to bring this wheel rake to the market. It has been a 5-year process. We are thankful to the many industry people, customers, and engineers that contributed to the design, development, and testing of what will become known as a fine product.”

Norden Mfg is a leading provider of quality hay handling products for growers, including hay accumulators, tie-grabbers, and standard grabbers.

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