With the spirit of American ingenuity, the Marshall Tree Saw was created by a hard-working man in Nebraska who cut unwanted Cedar trees from pasture land using a chainsaw.

The Marshall Tree Saw was developed after years of development, several working prototypes, and field trials. This method is a better way to make land more productive by removing unwanted trees.

The original design of the Marshall Tree Saw is still evident today, as many of the machines are more than 20 years old. In spite of the fact that chainsaws and other dangerous tree removal methods are still prevalent today, the Marshall Tree Saw is positively changing the tree removal industry. As a result, Marshall Tree Saws do not require bulletproof glass because the blade moves slowly, so debris cannot be thrown, making them extremely safe to use. In contrast to other tree saws, Marshall Tree Saws do not overheat or catch fire.

Marshall Tree Saws are proudly American-made and follow the “Keep it Simple” philosophy. Founded over 30 years ago, the Marshall Tree Saw is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The saw is simple, robust, and efficient.

With this machine, you can cut trees as small as 2″ and as large as 48″. In addition to cutting below ground, it can also cut flush with rock, gravel, sand, and dirt, as well as top and trim trees from 15 feet above ground. This machine can also pull fence posts in concrete and trees up to 7″ in diameter.

Marshall Tree Saws are fast, safe, and efficient at cutting trees. Because the saw runs on high and low flow, you don’t have to worry about your hydraulics. It requires very little maintenance. This saw fits all skid steers and is widely used worldwide. It is equipped with a two-point hook-up. All vital parts are are made out of ballistic armour.

There are no hydraulic motors to maintain. The “small footprint” on the site has minimal impact. The teeth are not carbide, so replacing them is unnecessary. There is a two-year warranty provided.

This tree saw can be used as a grapple – it can push, pile, stack, and drag trees backward with its front end. It can move that downed tree anywhere you need with its front end – the Marshall Tree Saw is stronger than a skid steer.

This machine is ideal for clearing fence lines. It cuts through cuts through metal t-posts and trees at the same time. It is used in a number of different applications, including right-of-way clearing, construction, land clearing, farm and ranch work, military, government, and forestry departments.

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The Marshall Tree Saw is based on a simple design that began in the field over 30 years ago.