In 1983, Galen Ackerman, a cattleman from Kansas, revolutionized the way round bale handling and feeding were done with the introduction of the HydraBed. This innovative product was the first flush-mount, self-storing flatbed bale handler, setting a new standard in the industry. The HydraBed quickly gained popularity among cattlemen and women for its exceptional performance and efficiency.

Since its groundbreaking debut, HydraBed has continued to push the boundaries of cattle management equipment. They have dedicated themselves to developing a range of products that can withstand the demanding conditions found on operations across the country. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has earned them the trust and appreciation of cattlemen and women nationwide.

One of the key factors that sets HydraBed apart is the durability of their products. They understand the rugged nature of agricultural operations and design their equipment to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether it’s the harsh weather, rough terrain, or heavy loads, HydraBed products are built to last.

In addition to durability, ease of operation is another hallmark of HydraBed products. They recognize that time is of the essence for cattlemen and women, and their equipment is designed to streamline tasks and maximize efficiency. With intuitive controls and user-friendly features, HydraBed products make handling and feeding round bales a breeze.

Dependability is another attribute that cattlemen and women have come to associate with HydraBed products. When it comes to managing a cattle operation, reliability is crucial. HydraBed understands this and ensures that their equipment is built to perform consistently, day in and day out. Cattlemen and women can rely on HydraBed products to get the job done right, every time.

The wide variety of products offered by HydraBed through their Hydra Line™ has further solidified their position as a leader in the industry. They have expanded their product range to cater to the diverse needs of cattlemen and women. From bale beds and cake feeders, to large bale flaker and dump boxes.

Ackerman’s introduction of the HydraBed in 1983 marked a significant turning point in round bale handling and feeding. Their commitment to innovation, durability, ease of operation, dependability, and a wide variety of products has made them a trusted name in the industry. Cattlemen and women across the country rely on HydraBed to meet their operations’ challenges and ensure their cattle’s efficient management.

Bringing Bale Handling into the 21st Century

HydraSTX is the latest innovation in variable speed electric control technology for enhancing HydraBed® functionality. Users benefit from HydraSTX’s unparalleled control over equipment, which makes their operations more efficient and safe.

Users can adjust the speed of HydraSTX according to their specific needs thanks to its variable speed control. Improved control and precision result from this level of control.

HydraSTX offers an optional wireless remote with a self-contained LED flashlight. Users can navigate their work environment more easily in low-light conditions thanks to this feature. Rechargeable lithium batteries power the remote, which can be conveniently charged through a USB port.

HydraSTX has been extensively tested to ensure its reliability. Field trials and controlled environment tests have produced exceptional results. HydraSTX systems have been deployed across several states since late 2020, and has become a very popular control option.

HydraSTX is compatible with mid-2002 or newer HydraBed® models. Existing HydraBed® owners can easily retrofit their equipment with the HydraSTX system without significant modifications. By retrofitting HydraSTX, more individuals can benefit from its advanced electrical control capabilities.

HydraSTX also has an electric latching feature in addition to variable speed control. With this feature, users can run additional machinery alongside their HydraBed. With its own control valve, this electric latching feature allows users to effortlessly operate hydraulic squeeze chutes or wire winders.

As the industry’s only Variable Speed Electric Control system, HydraSTX offers unparalleled control and versatility. HydraSTX provides ultimate control and efficiency while using HydraBed and compatible accessories with its precise variable speed control, optional wireless remote, retrofitting capability, and electric latching feature.