The RESCUE! Fly Trap Max brand is the biggest and most effective fly trap yet. With a larger design and enhanced features, it offers superior fly catching power compared to other fly traps on the market. This trap is environmentally friendly, as it employs a natural attractant and kills flies without harming beneficial insects.

Unique Features and Benefits

1. Bigger Design: The RESCUE! Fly Trap Max features a larger size, allowing it to capture more flies compared to traditional traps. Its larger size means fewer trap replacements and more effective fly control.

2. Includes Water-Soluble Lure: The trap comes with a water-activated lure pouch, which enhances its trapping power. Simply empty the contents of the foil pouch into the trap and add water, and the trap will be ready-to-use. The lure attracts flies through its scent, luring them into the trap where they drown in the water.

3. Flies Find it Fast: The RESCUE! Fly Trap Max activates and starts catching flies faster than than other traps on the market. Just add water, and it’s ready to go.

4. No Killing Agents: Unlike chemical-based fly traps, this trap kills flies naturally. Insects enter the trap through the green top cap and drown in the water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or toxins.

5. Reusable and Economical: The RESCUE! Fly Trap Max can be reused multiple times. When it’s time to replace the lure, simply purchase a refill pouch and empty the contents into the trap. This eliminates the need to purchase new traps, making it a cost-effective option for fly control.

6. Refills Available: The RESCUE! Fly Trap Max is designed to be refillable. Replacement lures can be purchased in single-use pouches, allowing you to reuse the trap repeatedly. This not only reduces the environmental impact but also saves you money in the long run.

7. Use Safely: This trap works without toxins and is safe to use around family, pets and livestock. However, dogs, in particular, are attracted to the scent and will try to get into it. Always install fly traps out of reach of kids, pets and livestock.

8. What It Catches: The RESCUE! Fly Trap Max is designed to attract and catch a wide range of fly species, including house flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies, flesh flies, and many others. It effectively controls flies around the home, backyard, and in agricultural settings.

Where to Hang It

For best results, hang or place the trap outdoors where flies are prevalent, and 20 feet away from home entrances.

– 20 feet away from decks and patios to draw flies away from outdoor living spaces

– Garbage bins and composting areas

– Barns and stables

– Dog runs (out of reach of pets)

– Livestock areas

– Near compost piles and manure heaps

– Anywhere flies are a nuisance

Hang, place, and store the trap out of reach of pets and children. Regularly check the trap and dispose of dead flies, as necessary. The RESCUE! Fly Trap Max is a simple way to control flies without using harmful chemicals. With its larger size, water-activated lure, and reusable design, it offers a long-lasting and effective solution for fly control.

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